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My Story & Vision

I love Mission!  It has shaped who I am.  When my parents chose to leave their home in India, in order to start a better life, they chose Mission.  They chose a life that would have better options for their children.  I was born in Mission, brought up here, built a business here, got married here, and hope to raise my kids here.  


When I decided to run for council four years ago, I ran with the platform of being accessible, accountable and transparent.  I didn't pretend to know everything and promised to learn.  I believe I have delivered on that mandate. 


I asked to become one of the six decision-makers, who would help develop the future of Mission.  This time around, I want to build on my original mandate of accessibility, accountability and transparency, and I want to take on a leading role, holding all councillors accountable for their decisions.  


These past four years have been the best years of my life.  To serve the community that I love, is truly a blessing.  Not every day was a fun day, but every day was a good day.  There were challenges, a global pandemic, red-tape, short-sighted planning, not understanding staff capacity, and block voting where politics and feelings interfered in what was best for Mission. 


Through everything, my enthusiasm for the job never diminished.  


We did a lot of good these past four years.

The Bowsick centre for seniors, the pump track for the youth, controlled crosswalks, 14th Avenue sidewalks, the twinning of the sewer crossing, the Habitat for Housing projects, and so much much more, but the job is not done.  


I want to focus on ensuring City Hall is running efficiently, and that the taxpayers get the value for their tax dollars. Creating a complete community, more affordable housing, liveable wage jobs, arts and culture, prioritizing providing more amenities, one water park isn’t enough. Strategically lobby both our Provincial and Federal governments for our fair share of funding in the form of hospital upgrades, schools, bypass and FOUNDRY.


I have never turned down a meeting, nor have I run from my justification of a decision.  Every vote I make comes with hours of research and Mission's long-term future in mind. 


No ego, no personal feelings, no political pressure, just Mission. Mission is on my mind and Mission is my priority.


The small town feel is the fabric of our community and it is important to me that we do not lose that.  Four years ago, Mission took a chance on a kid who couldn't grow a beard and I hope I made you proud.  Now I ask that you allow me to continue living my dream and serving the residents of Mission, who are the fabric. 


Oct 15th, please vote Jag Gill.

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